Belgrade Iaido Seminar – Seitei Iaido 2013

» Postavljeno 05.10.2013.

Belgrade Iaido Seminar – Seitei Iaido 2013

On October 3rd and 4th 2013, Iaido seminar took place in Belgrade, in City Center for Physical Culture “Stari Dif” (, with Ishii Takakazu (Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan, Iaido Kyoshi 7 Dan),  Spiros G. Drossoulakis (Iaido 4 Dan, Kendo 3 Dan), and Eli Allouche (Kendo 4 Dan, Iaido 4 Dan).

The photographs from the Seminar can be viewed in the Gallery.

We want to thank all the participants for generous help on the maintenance of the first Iaido seminar in Serbia.

Wish you luck and success and see you next year in Belgrade.

Domou Arigato Gozaimasu

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